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The Crown Cast Podcast was formed by two highly skilled individuals observing the oddness of reality all around us and making fun of it all.

The show is hosted by Musical Artist, Author, and Brand… King Craig James.

Co-Hosted by the lovely blogger, designer, and very feminine Jacqueline Jeanette.

The best “Podcast” available.

We gather all of the latest news, rumors, propaganda, and “conspiracy”, and have fun with it. New shows weekly.

October 12, 2020

Season 8, Episode 8 - The X factor

Welcome to

We are providing you with the latest fake news, conspiracy, fear porn, and political nonsense. 

Topics: Trump, Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Debates, Covid19, Tartaria, Mudflood, Tesla, and MELTED BUILDINGS!

Check out for all of the latest NEWS, MUSIC, BLOGS, GEAR, and more! 

Enjoy the show. 

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