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March 28, 2021

Good Vibrations

Crown Cast 3/28/21

A crisis is going on at the border where kids are sitting in cages, and starving because they believed Biden would provide them with free hotels, food, and citizenship.. Which only happened for some. 

Communist control of network news has never been more clear. To anyone who hasn’t noticed recently 

Mobile vaccine clinics are making it easier for YOU to get the Bill Gates kill shot vaccine, which has probably been banned in other countries for its side effects. 

All for a virus that has a 95 percent survival rate, without a mask or vaccine.. YOU will be expected to take the vaccine which has now been upgraded to 76 percent ineffectiveness. 

Periscope the creepy app where mentally ill people talk to chat robots is in its final days as Twitter decided to scrap the project along with free speech and truth. 

The war on white people and firearms begins as Biden signs Executive orders on Gun Control.

We found a list of America’s mass shooters, and hardly any of them are actually white. 

Oakland Fund is giving non-white families 500 dollars a month. As it’s now ok to discriminate against whites. 

Wes and Elija on sesame street talking about race issues.

Americans are now racist against Asians. Yet, no new characters were added to sesame street for them. 

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March 21, 2021

Humanities Downfall

This episode of the Crown Cast discusses the fall of Biden. We also discuss the consequences of being a parent during the child's gender identity crisis. We sew these topics together by describing how "social media" and "big tech" monopoly companies are brainwashing you into believing this is all ok by hiding the truth. 

There is some good news though... The world is protesting... 

Have a look!

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March 1, 2021

The 4th Reich

Donald J Trump speaks at CPAC as a Republican. 

These are our thoughts on it. 

Will we be saved by aliens? 

How does this affect the 4th Reich? 

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