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On Today's show, we are introducing a new mobile podcast on our channel called "The Light" 

Did the PCR test inventor call the covid test a scam? Yes. Have the PCR tests taken on a new possibility? Morgellons? or Perhaps some nanobots sniffing out all the "smart dust" inside your body from all the heavy metals in chemtrails... Talk about neural networking. 

We also mention ham radios, a few byden jabs, and humanities future forecast. Including The supply chain breaks coming this spring, which just may crash the market by August. We talk about it all on the "Crown Cast'. 

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Are you ready for the END of #Agenda #2030? #King #Craig #James has you covered. The enemies of the #Patriots are about to experience a GI JOE 2 scenario where good prevails over evil in one of Earth Game's final fights. 

The battle between good, and evil is almost over... The swamp has almost been drained.. Only one "act" remains in this movie.. Are you ready for it? Stay tuned for "Project Oden" and "EBS" alerts... Coming to a screen near you. Check out &


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