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Now that it's become clear that Joe Biden #cheated. We will refrain from discussing politics, and skip ahead to operation: Dark Winter & Cyber Polygon. 

Perhaps you anti-vaxers will see us posted up in the nearby covid concentration camp? After all.. We can see where this is all headed.. Can you?

CHECK OUT while you still can. 

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We have just had our #political #election #hijacked by the #msm. Please join us in celebrating all of the dead people, fraud, and pets that made this possible. 

This episode of the Crown Cast was brought to you by Freedom of speech. A thing that used to exist in our country, on our platforms, and in our voice. 

Enjoy the show. 

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Welcome to the home of the Crown Cast Podcast. 

In this show, we discuss the latest news, events, and King Craig James Brand. 

We are following it up with a LIVE show, so TUNE IN HERE

We may do some CALL INS. Enjoy. 

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