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Welcome back to for part 2 of Jacqueline's Birthday Special. We have toned it down a notch, to take the time to provide you with a much happier, more enticing Crown Cast. So what do we talk about? Well... We reviewed the "great reset", Talked about Creepy Joe, and How the elites will run our future holidays. Have a listen. 

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Happy Birthday, Jacqueline! This episode has been brought to you by 

While you are all focused on the puppets and the election. You are practicing these guidelines of a fake virus designed to roll out Agenda 21, The N.W.O., Rebranded as, "The great reset". With a grandiose focus on equality, financial inclusion, and sustainability. That way.. Everyone can have money, if they're compliant with microchipping, and allowing "THEM" to make the rules. 

Who needs the New World Order when you can have a "Great Reset" sponsored by the Global Elite. First, they use the Hegelian dialectic of Problem Reaction Solution. (Covid, Lawlessness, NWO) to implement and finish off the "communist rules for revolution" strategy put in place for the past 30 years. Bravo. Well done. However, we are not fools. We see through it all. 

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Welcome to where the very (brown) Jacqueline explains why she would never vote for "Creepy Joe Biden" and the very (gold) King Craig James raises some issues regarding this novel (virus of the crown) plandemic. 

We talk about a variety of different topics including; Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, Cats, and MORE! So please tune in to this episode of the Crown Cast Podcast. 

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We are providing you with the latest fake news, conspiracy, fear porn, and political nonsense. 

Topics: Trump, Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Debates, Covid19, Tartaria, Mudflood, Tesla, and MELTED BUILDINGS!

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October 7, 2020

S8 E7 - Trump Won!

Hello you dog-faced pony soldiers. This episode of Crown Cast features a look into Tim Kaine, whom none of you know. As well as, Vincent Fusca. The real JFK Jr. and many other interesting topics. Except for the first debate of course. That was a miserable experience. Oh yeah, Covid-19 is gone, and Trump won the election. Let's celebrate. 

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