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S8 E6 - Clap you bastards

This show talks about a lot of fake news, has racial advice, fun facts, and even some questions for Mr. King Craig James. Enjoy the show. 

S8 E5 - Communist 'Consin

The Crown Cast is now on Amazon Music! Follow us! This episode is full of fake news, fun facts, things that annoy Jacqueline and MORE!  Please Like, Subscribe, and Follow us! 

S8 E4 - Toxic Candybars

This episode of the crown cast talks about the most dangerous cities in America, toxic candybars, and places people are claiming they got covid-19. You wont believe your ears. Chec...

Hello everyone.  I have had a fabulous 24 hours, and I wanted to finish it off by doing a Crown Cast Season 8 - Episode 3 with Jacqueline. The show is called, "A dose of greatness"...

Crown Cast LIVE Music

Short episode with Jacqueline.. Hinting at episode 3 in the very near future!!! Enjoy the music.