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S8 E2 Case Closed

This Crown Cast is full of fake news and discusses the recent events in Kenosha, Wisconsin. We also have some helpful advice for anyone who falls for the politically driven race wa...

S8 E1 - Moderna's Cure

This marks the beginning of Season 8 of the Crown Cast Podcast. To hear more episodes visit The King Craig James Empire and follow us on Twitter @KingCraigJames

We would like to conclude this season with one last dose of stupidity. This episode is about two corrupt Kenosha police department officers that just murdered a man in broad daylig...

S7 E19 Grannies Cabinet

This episode features the latest in fake news, fun facts, and things you should probably discard. 

S7 E18 Sloppy Porch Pals

This episode is jam-packed with fake news, advice, fun facts, and even a few things that irritate Jacqueline, and I. Are you ready for it? 

S7 E17 Toxic Redflags

We have returned with a great episode of the Crown Cast. We are discussing some fake news, dating advice, power outages, and even... Toxic people to avoid. We are looking forward t...

S7 E16 Con-vid Free

This episode barely mentions convid, and celebrates the people out there promoting truth. 

An episode full of fake news, delightful content, various opinions, and even some important words from sleepy Joe. This episode does NOT reflect the views and opinions of King Crai...

Check Yourself

This is a quick solo episode of the Crown Cast. I just wanted to say.. (Spell) check yourself before you wreck yourself. Fool. Please don't talk a bunch of crap to your local meteo...

Here, Now, Present

This is a reminder to ALL, including myself.