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Meanwhile at Poundy's

Jacqueline Jeanette is a champion. She has to deal with a few Freddy Kruger types at a local Poundy's warehouse. Here's a little insight on the kinds of things she's recently accep...

News Updates (live)

Thank you for joining us Pack4Pack!

Crown Cast LIVE w/guests

This is a random LIVE stream. Jacqueline My dog FOXY, and I start off talking about the website, designs, latest King Craig James news. That's when the show gets fun!    Jacqueline...

S7 E14 NFAC Militia

Jacqueline and King Craig James are bringing you the latest #fake news, and the latest #REAL NEWS. Yeah, real news. #Americans are finally utilizing #constitutional #rights to bear...

This episode talks about 27 businesses you should no longer support, a bunch of fake news, and the disappearance of Ronald Mcdonald. 


The Crown Cast is on it's way to YOUTUBE. 

S7 E13 Building an empire

Jacqueline has updated    

Jacqueline and I are here on the Crown Cast to talk about covidiots, masktards, and racially charged branding. I am personally offended by The Dough Boy. Anyways,  Enjoy the show. 

Jacqueline is the FIRST new subscriber to the VIP. She's absolutely amazing. That's what initiated this episode of the Crown Cast. I wanted to thank her publicly. 

A.I. Lethal Injection

When you believe everything you are told, and your only savior has become a vaccine. What do you do when it goes wrong?