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CrownCast Episode 225

Main topic:A discussion of rumors of a new Alcoholic Drink package on Royal Caribbean ships.

Sub topic: Facebook question: If RCI was to institute a “Alcohol Package” for say $55 per day per person, as is rumored … give me one Pro and one Con to this idea?

Host: Jamie Snyder and Veronica Snyder

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8 Responses

  1. Ken Slusser

    My wife and I are considering the new all-inclusive package. However, we are suite guests on RCL so we have 24 hour access to complimentary premium coffee and evening drinks in the Concierge Lounge. So, we’ll probably have 2-3 drinks during the day at the pool at and 2-4 more late evening and late night after the Concierge Lounge option closes so trying to figure out if it would make sense for us. Doesn’t seem like it. One question I have is whether the all-inclusive package would apply to the bars on the cruise ship private islands (Labadee, Coco Cay, Etc.)

  2. I sure other will chime in but I have used the soda card package on both private island, all be it with difficulty. If they follow that pattern then you would be able to eliminate a port day for the negatives. I also would see if bottled water was included, that would also help on port days.

  3. TomWins

    Drinks onboard is a must for us. We don’t do soda but water and wine are a daily pleasure. Occasionally we’ll have a beer and/or mixed drink but this is not daily. My husband and I don’t yet have access to the Concierge Lounge but will after April 2013. Even now, though, we would not purchase a $55 pp/pd drink package. We certainly will not after we have access to the Concierge Lounge once we gain our Diamond status. The cost is not nearly worth it for us. All the alcohol you can drink for $55 a day sounds like something you’d see on a “party” ship and it would actually be a concern that we’d end up with more people who have had to much to drink causing a problem.

  4. Ken Slusser

    You know, after thinking about this some more, I think it would be more attractive to me if they offered a package for a set number of drinks per day say 6 well drinks up to $10 for $49/day and offer packages for say 4 and 8 as well. This could be done for beer and wine also. If it was positioned as a way to save $ such as with the wine packages, it would be more enticing. Thoughts?

  5. Jacki

    I really like the idea of the pre-paid drinks package. It pretty much makes the cruise and “all-inclusive” vacation again. A big HOWEVER is that I’m afraid that there will be many adults who will now be much more drunk than in the past. I should clarify and say that I’m afraid I will spend much more time drinking and feeling that I need to get my money’s worth. So, more drinking is both a pro and a con for me. I could have more fun, but I may miss more. Does this mean I actually have to consider self restraint? 🙂 Horrors.

  6. Steve

    Given the copious number of all inclusive resorts which offer unlimited drinks, I don’t see the issue that some people raise about intoxicated people. Correctly priced (not free) drink packages don’t translate to people bringing a funnel with them on vacation. People are making stuff up. Personally, I would look at it as a matter of convenience given the fact that when I am on vacation, I’m not nickel and diming myself about what I spend. An alcohol drink package would not impact the number of drinks I had throughout a cruise. I would be surprised if a drink package had any impact on the number of drinks consumed per person on the average cruise. If someone doesn’t want to spend $30/day, they sure aren’t going to spend $55/day. Looking at it from the perspective of “wow, I can drink all I want” I can assure you that would last a day or two. If it’s convenient I would buy it, but that does not mean I will drink more.

  7. Steve – Wait! What? You can on vacation on land? Does my wife know? LOL I am not sure if it is the amount of drinks, for me at least, but the value of the package. The issue starts with I only drink $30 a day (Not an unreasonable amount on a sea day with Coffee and Soda) then RCI “backfills” the pricing to get the $30 drinker to $40 or $50 a day then the package seems like a good deal (See the Disney dining plan and the cost of a hamburger) I just don’t want to see that happen.

    Jacki – Sadly, I think you are right about the self-restraint that already gets away from me in the buffet line.

    Ken – I am not sure if the average RCI waiter or bartender would want to have to decipher a more complicated system. I also think like my comment to Steve that this is just away to increase already inflated drink cost for folks who are not on the “plan” and once the reach the tipping point for most drinkers buying the plan they will start the never-ending $2-$5 increase per year.

    TomWins – Due to our Northeast location we are in the same boat (or Ship) as you on the Concierge Lounge (Thankfully this next cruise puts us over) I agree with your logic and do not think that we will be getting the package when it is available, but I may change my mind if banana daiquiris get over $10.

  8. PRC

    Probably still trying to come up with something for those white spaces that no one else already has. BTW, seems like in the last few weeks EVERYONE has to have a hot dog venue!

    Not being much of a drinker, all these packages do nothing for me (well, except for my diet coke). ALL drinkables have become such a huge profit center for the cruise lines that I doubt they will ever do something that will cut their profits. Even with my soda package, I know they loose money on me (based on what I would have to spend without it), but I know that a whole room of bean counters know that overall the company comes out on top at that price. In tha case of alcohol, perhaps this cost is what they are betting will allow them to still come out on top.

    my prediction: somebody will get onboard with the plan to stay legally drunk (or worse) 24 hours a day, for the entire cruise. When they get so out of control that they get “cut off” let the lawsuits begin! “you can’t cut me off… it’s unlimited!” I really hope RCCL stands their ground on the rules of conduct!

    I don’t recall seeing draft on the pool deck, but there are glass beer bottles. I think only the BUD products were aluminum…maybe one more.

    Service difference? I don’t recall ever experiencing a decline in service when i show the sticker on my card. Now I have seen the bar tenders on the pool deck visibly frustrated when they have 3 deep of paying customers and there is a couple dozen kids shoving their coke tumblers in their face!

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