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CrownCast Episode 220

Main topic: A sweet treat for our listeners – the Cupcake Cupboard

Link to Bettie’s cakes

Sub topic: Facebook question: Would you want a cruise ship or ships docking in your town?

Host: Jamie Snyder and Veronica Snyder

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6 Responses

  1. The audio for us was a bit hot, sorry folks I will adjust the gain and see if I can get it a bit smoother next week.
    … I also missed that The President is an avid golfer and that would be an excursion he might go on.

  2. Jacki

    Just listened and have followed the cruise ships in Duluth. Where the ships dock, there’s a shopping and restaurant area called Canal Park. It’s all reasonably walkable and makes a decent stop for Minnesota merchandise. Love the podcast, thanks for posting!

  3. alex koffman

    The Romneys spend their summers at the lake in NH, jet sking,swimming, and boating, Mitt and his sons are expert swimmers who have saved drowning victims

  4. You know Alex I was sure I had read that Mitt was a Jet skier but I could not find any reference when I was looking for the segment.

  5. Everyone from the CrownCast Crew is back at work or in school today, as the storm pulls away. Our hearts and prayers go out to friends and family and all those in, need downstate and in our neighboring states, especially New Jersey.

  6. PRC

    Sorry so late, I’ve been WAY behind in everything. Even behind in watching Dexter!

    Cupcake cupboard on Freedom last April: I’m not a big cupcake fan, take ’em or leave ’em. Probably the best ones I’ve ever had are from a place called Crave here in Houston. Freedom’s cupcakes? C+ at best. To be fair it was late evening and i was looking for a before-bed-snack, so they had been there a while. I thought them to be dry and the icing had a crust to it. both as I said probably due to them being almost day-old. As far as your comment about only being 3 in the window instead of being a full display? At the end of the evening the display was about 20% full. The little girl working there was from the US (amazing!) and looked absolutely bored to death. I noticed that most evenings she was chatting with the fake tattoo girl who was set up just outside… neither was busy.

    I never saw a kids class going on, but passed by one afternoon while an adult class was going on, and the place was packed with about 75% middle aged women and 25% seniors.

    How to spend a day onboard? I think I have finally figured out how to NOT plan the day. I wasted a lot of sea days being afraid I would miss something and waste the precious time. Now I know better.

    Last April on Freedom I spent an entire morning (4+ hrs) walking every cabin deck, down every corridor, looking at all the artwork on the walls. it was great! Every deck on Freedom has a different theme, and if you take the time you will be very impressed!

    Shows will be the same, saw them again in April and that was fine, but don’t need to do it again. Like I’ve said, I’m looking forward to spending evenings on the other stuff.

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